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Yung - Honda Magna, VFR800, Triumph Tiger 1200. You can find lots of bikes here, landscapes, roadscapes especially :)

Not if she wants on back… Which is why Akrapovic :D

Really rough morning.

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matte finish

So a friend of mine took some photos the eclipse with her awesome telescope lens, all her air heads friends say that it’s mars. MARS. MOTHER FUCKING MARS. *Facepalm*




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Every time the buds go on trail rides xD

I really wish I had a helmet cam that would stream to my computer every time I go out riding. Fucking nerve of a school bus driver to squeeze between another rider and myself just so she can make the light. I damn near got my toes crush and no surprise engine guards got scratched up AGAIN, and the rider next to me dropped his bike because he wanted to make sure his passenger could get away. The bitch driver doesn’t even get out to apologize, instead I chase her down the road and what is she doing while driving 50 mph down the road? Texting. God I wish there weren’t any kids on that bus and I wish I had a crowbar then.



Lancia Stratos by Ugo Missana on Flickr.

The things I’d do…

The many disturbingly dirty things I’d do..

I wanted to get away from Tumblr for a little bit after this morning’s dashboard race war. So I grabbed a fishing rod, bought some bait and was going to the Black River here for some fishing, but then I saw a small trail leading off the road with a sign saying “DS only” I didn’t know what the hell this meant and decided to take it, it took me to a run off of the river that was super deep and had a fuck ton of fish! Looking around I saw only two other guys, both on Yamaha Dual Sports. Then it hit me, DS = Dual Sport >_<, they were surprised I could get my Tiger through such a tight trail xD